Charge controllers from aixACCT make your charging stations fit for the demanding needs of small and large fleets.
Today and tomorrow.


Charge controllers - efficient, robust and ready for the future

Welcome to aixACCT Systems eMobility, the leading manufacturer of charge controllers.

To date, over 35,000 AC charging points have been fitted with charge controllers from aixACCT Systems. Our controllers help create efficient and reliable charging infrastructure for large vehicle fleets and charging parks. They are used by the logistics sector, for installations on company and customer parking lots, and in semi-public stations. 2021 saw the completion of Europe’s largest charging park in Essen, Germany, with over 170 double charging stations using exclusively aixACCT Systems charge controllers.

Double charge controllers save both space and costs

Three great reasons to use charge controllers from aixACCT Systems:

  1. Cutting-edge development

    Modern components like pSLC memory for a longer service life or eSIM for large-series production mean your controllers will operate effectively for years to come. Networking through customers and funded projects consolidates specialist knowledge, and supports our technological and strategic development.

  2. High production quality

    We are one of the most experienced providers on the market. Developed and produced in Germany, aixACCT Systems eMobility charge controllers are designed in house to meet the most demanding of industry quality standards. We continuously subject the operating software to strenuous tests in modern CI workflows, right from the development stage.

  3. Excellent availability

    Thanks to a balance of standard components, pre-fabricated and in-house modules, as well as our stock of critical parts, we can cover supply chain bottlenecks and flexibly adjust controller production. The controllers achieve an availability in the field of >99.9% (CP-Main) and have proven themselves for many years, even under harsh operating conditions.

Your charging infrastructure needs aixACCT charge controllers

Charge controllers from aixACCT are the solution of choice for companies who want to set up charging infrastructure at a high volume in an efficient and cost-effective way that is also fit for the future. The same is true of any application that calls for a tailored, bespoke design.